What is Metaverse, What is the Purpose and How Does it Work?


     What is Metaverse? What's the point? How does it work? The answers to these questions can be found in this article, along with the concept and its relation to the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

What is Metaverse, What is the Purpose and How Does it Work?
What is Metaverse, What is the Purpose and How Does it Work?

What is Metaverse?

     One of the themes that has gained a lot of repercussions and marketing from the year 2021, along with the universe of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, is the Metaverse!

     With the rise of the Axie Infinity game - where players were paid through tokens and with that, they could exchange them for fiat currencies such as Dollars and Euros, many projects with the same objective and that carried the "metaverse" theme in their brand, grew and gained media.

     But before we understand this "fever", we need to know what the Metaverse is. Briefly and objectively, Metaverso is a form of "alternate reality", where the objective is the expansion of the real universe that replicates our world through the concept "Meta" - as the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of his marks to surrender 100% to this new world.

     It's a relatively new term and most people understand it just as a "hype", but the truth is that many extremely large companies are already preparing their ground to be part of this universe in the future. To give you an idea, even companies that are not in the technology business are already buying "brands" or "land" in this newest digital world, such as: Nike and Coca Cola.


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How Does the Metaverse Work?

     The Metaverse boils down a lot to the concept of "augmented reality". You must have already seen some people out there with those big closed glasses playing some game... this would be just a "sample" of what is yet to come in this new reality.

     Much of what we do today will also be possible to do within the metaverse. Have you ever thought about buying land or going to a Snoop Dogg concert while staying at his house, however, with a 100% present experience? It seems a little difficult to understand, but the meta universe is already a reality and is moving faster and faster.

     The companies that have stood out in this segment are those in the world of games, from Ubisoft that many know to newly created and already multi-millionaire companies, with the sole objective of bringing the metaverse to the world of games, such as The Sandbox and Gala Games.

What is the Purpose of the Metaverse?

     Metaverse goal is to provide unique and real experiences on the most diverse topics to users, whether they are: games, e-sports, theater and shopping. And with that, it's possible that you - even if you're indoors - can have an experience identical to what you would have in the real world, so this is what we already do on the traditional internet but with augmented reality. Extremely more affordable.

But the complete vision of the Metaverse is still far from happening, so those who invest now will be able to reap good results in the future.

     With that, within the metaverse ecosystem, you will find: NFTs, Digital Currencies, Games, Commerce, Avatars, Shows and Events, Desktop and much more!

Is it good to invest in the Metaverse? How to make?

     As the subject of the Metaverse is closely related to the universe of Cryptocurrencies, you must be thinking: is it worth investing in this market?

     The answer to this question is: yes, it is worth it, however, it is a very new market that is slowly gaining ground. To give you an idea, Bitcoin (which is the oldest cryptocurrency), is a little over 10 years old and is well known for its volatility.

     There are two very popular ways to invest in the metaverse, the first way is through cryptocurrency investments in this medium! The simplest way is to buy Ethereum (given that many of the meta projects are being developed on this Blockchain). With that, as these projects start to increase in value, Eth will follow the same path and, if any of these same projects "break", ethereum will not be affected by this. Can you understand? So this is the safest way, essentially if you transfer them to a Cold Wallet - but that's a subject for a future article.

     In the same way, you can invest in projects that are directly linked to the metaverse and Web3, which is the case of Polygon, Avalanche, Gala Games and The Sandbox. Remembering: this is not an indication of investment, know that these projects are even more volatile than btc and eth.

     Therefore, knowing the risk and volatility, you will be able to invest a small part of your equity. [The pizza money and not the children's milk]. With that in mind, we recommend reading this article about the Bybit brokerage that has all these projects to invest in.

     The second way is through the purchase and sale of NFT Domains. Those who knew how to take advantage and register good domains on Web2 and were patient, reaped good results and the same will happen to those who register - in advance, their domain in Metaverso.

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How to Enter the Metaverse?

     You can enter the Metaverse for free and on your cell phone if you don't have a computer (although the best experience is on a PC)! But for that, you will have to use some specific application for this purpose. Keep in mind that each Metaverse will be a different reality based on the ecosystem you use.

     The two best known systems are Decentraland and Mozilla Hubs and although they are different from each other at the moment, over time they will surely merge. To better enjoy the experience, it is recommended to have a PC Gamer - as everything is very recent and heavy, over time, the tendency is to improve the user experience and favor navigation for all devices.

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