Is Investing in Cryptocurrencies Worth It?


     Is Investing in Cryptocurrencies Worth It? This is a question that many new investors ask themselves, after all, when the market is down, it is normal for many to be full of uncertainties and doubts. 

Is Investing in Cryptocurrencies Worth It?
Is Investing in Cryptocurrencies Worth It?

Right now, how is the Cryptocurrency Market?

     The Cryptocurrency Market is an unknown quantity! It's practically impossible to say where it will go - that's because all digital assets are extremely new, especially when looking at DeFi, NFT, Tokens... all of this is very recent, so there is a lot of speculation both short and long term.

     To get an idea, Bitcoin (which was the first cryptocurrency to be created by Satoshi Nakamoto), is the oldest, having less than 20 years; compared to Dollars or Gold, this is a very short timeline.

     As a result, crypto prices end up fluctuating a lot in the short term and you need to have a "stomach" to invest in this market; But trust me, it's worth it.

     At this time, December 2022, the cryptocurrency market is down and, along with that, the interest in these digital assets is following the same path. Investors are very apprehensive when putting Money on the market, after all: nobody likes to see their money decrease, essentially in the economic and political scenario we are living in.

Therefore, if you want to know if it is still worth investing in the cryptocurrency market, just continue reading the article!


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It all starts with your Investor Profile

     Want to know if investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is for you and if it's worth it? Well, before having more knowledge about how the cryptocurrency market works, beforehand, it is important to know your investor profile and know how adept at risk you are, because after all, this is a variable income market.

     As much as we love this market - so much so that you are on a site that only talks about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the metaverse - it has to be said that the crypto market is not for everyone; to invest here you need to be psychological and, of course, have a sharp risk management.

     If you are more conservative and come from the traditional market, you can start investing with 1% of your assets and gradually increase as you adapt.

     In this case, it is important to say: always start with the basics: invest in bitcoin and, little by little, you will open your horizons to other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum, cardano and polkadot.

But it's worth? How to Invest Safely?

     Is it Worth Investing in Cryptocurrencies? The answer is yes! Not only is crypto still worth investing in, it's the future! Don't get caught up in a bear market moment. These moments pass and the future arrives.

     Cryptocurrencies are both the evolution of Money and the evolution of the internet that we know today, therefore, it is very important to have exposure in this market. It's crazier who doesn't have bitcoin than those who have all their assets in it, at least that's what they say out there.

     Investing safely is very important. There is a phrase from the cryptocurrency market that says: "not your keys, not your coins".

     So, keep in mind that nowadays, the easiest way to buy bitcoin is through brokerages, however, to be safer, the ideal is to transfer your cryptocurrencies to a Wallet (a wallet that supports these cryptocurrencies).

     With this, you will be 100% owner of your money. There are two types of wallets: the ones you buy (which are the most secure) and look like a pen drive; the best known are Trezor and Ledger and those that are on the internet like Trust Wallet - which are digital wallets.

     Protecting yourself is essential, because whether you like it or not, some cryptocurrency exchanges have either gone bankrupt and taken users' money or worse: they have been hacked. That doesn't mean it will happen to you, just that there is a risk to be considered.

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