How to Invest in Bitcoin with Little Money?


     How to Invest in Bitcoin with Little Money? This is a question that many novice investors have. They understand the importance of having btc in their investment portfolio, but they don't know the best way.

How to Invest in Bitcoin with Little Money?
How to Invest in Bitcoin with Little Money?

First of all: why Invest in Bitcoin?

     Bitcoin is the most revolutionary asset of the decade, including the investment that has appreciated the most in recent years. Despite being a relatively new cryptocurrency (less than 20 years old), bitcoin has a value that no other asset has: a 100% decentralized Money that governments cannot destroy.

     As many know, governments have an old habit of creating debt. Most spend more than they collect, which ends up generating a bad scenario and, consequently, an unpayable debt.

     To solve this problem, governments destroy their fiat currency in order to pay their debts. They print a lot of Money and end up generating a lot of inflation: inflation is seeing the purchasing power of your money decreasing. If you print more money, it makes it less valuable. It's the famous law of "supply and demand".

     Knowing this, just look at the Dollar: in the old days, 60 years ago, when it was still backed by Gold, this state currency had a lot of value, as it was scarce and depended on the amount of gold the government had in its reserves; but in 1971, American President Dixon, removed that "need".

     From there, it just went downhill for state currencies.

     Knowing this, we can see one of the biggest strengths of Bitcoin: a decentralized cryptocurrency that does not depend on any government! Its network is distributed worldwide and is not subject to presidential or dictatorial policies.

     Also, another very strong point of btc is that, in its schedule, there can only be 21 million units to be mined; this ends up generating long-term deflation, not inflation that governments love so much! It didn't exist until then.

Some economists project the Bitcoin price 15 years from now at $2,500,000.

I liked Bitcoin, but how to buy this asset?

     There are two popular ways to Invest in Bitcoin with little Money (this goes for larger investors as well) such as: P2P - People to People (purchase directly from person to person, often without depending on a central body behind); Brokerages (also called Exchanges: it is the purchase or sale through, properly speaking, books of purchase and sale: it is the simplest way to buy bitcoin).

     The simplest method we recommend to buy bitcoin is through Cryptocurrency Exchanges. For this, it is important to use a large brokerage that has liquidity and, most importantly: security. You can use the most famous Exchanges on the market to make an interesting filter: Binance, Coinbase... We here at Bitcoin Lovers recommend Bybit.

What is the minimum amount to invest in Bitcoin?

     Many of the Cryptocurrency Exchanges have a minimum investment amount around $10. It is a very affordable value that anyone can make the investment.


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How to invest in this cryptocurrency?

     This is a very interesting point for you who want to invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and who have little money. The most relevant way to invest is to look at the long term and, with that, you can keep in mind that we are talking about at least 5 years.

     With that, what we recommend is that you make monthly contributions with the amounts you can invest. We like to do the comparison in Dollars, as cryptocurrencies, in essence, are paired with that currency; from there, you can adapt to your reality.

     Can you invest $40 every month? No need to worry about the momentary price of bitcoin, keep in mind that in the long term, the asset's trend has always been up.

     Think: "every 10th of each month I can invest the $40 and I have no intention of selling this asset for the next 20 years". If bitcoin's long-term trend is up, why would you want to sell it?

Remember, the magic of investments happens in the long run!

How Much Does $100 Earn in Bitcoin?

     Do you know how much bitcoin yields? Well, unlike some stocks that have a yield based on "dividends", here in the cryptocurrency market, this is a little different. Your income will be proportional to the appreciation of the invested asset.

     Let's say you buy $100 worth of bitcoin and at the time of purchase, crypto is costing $20,000. For you to be able to double your investment, the price of btc would have to reach $40,000. Can you understand?

     That's why we like the idea of investing for the long term! We know that bitcoin's trend is up, so no matter how much you buy today at $25,000 today and tomorrow at $35,000, over time, you will earn interest on interest... after all, bitcoin only appreciates over time. time.

     Just imagine when the asset is worth $1,000,000; how many times will you have multiplied your equity?

Open your horizons!

     You who want to invest in bitcoin and have already started with investments, know that bitcoin is just the entrance to the world of cryptocurrencies. This universe is amazing that has many great opportunities! Whether in the decentralized world or even in the new Web3.0.

     The internet is changing right before our eyes, and cryptocurrencies play a key role in all of this: making this entire ecosystem work and be democratic.

     When we get to know all this digital market that only grows and its opportunities, we don't want to invest in anything else anymore. There are amazing projects worth studying like Ethereum, Chainlink and Polygon, but those are subjects for another article.

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