How to Buy and Register a Domain in Metaverse?


     After all, How to Buy and Register a Domain in Metaverse? Find out now how to find out if your Crypto world domain is Available or not. Valid for Crypto, Nft, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Dao, Wallet...

How to Buy and Register Domain in Metaverse
How to Buy and Register Domain in Metaverse

First of all, why Register a Domain in Metaverse?

     Certainly, if you want to Register a Domain in Metaverse, this is due, beforehand, to the fact that you know the process of how the Registration works here on the traditional Web, or, as we affectionately call it: Web 2.0.

     In the early 2000s, or even earlier (in the 90s), those who registered domains gained a lot - essentially with short and strategic names. After all, today, domains like or even cryptocurrency brokers, are worth a black note, but we are not just talking about Money, this also applies to your company's presence and marketing, because the sooner you can register a good name, best!

     We have the case of the brewing company Budweiser which recently bought a domain on Metaverse for a little over $12 million. We also have the cases of other big companies that are already making their registrations in Web 3.0 and entering the market of NFT's like Puma, Nike, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.


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So, how to register this domain?

     To Register a Domain in Metaverse is extremely simple. There is a site here on Web 2.0 called Unstoppple Domains that aims to register directly in Web 3.0.

A very important point about NFT Domains is that unlike traditional domains here on the web, we don't pay annual fees, you buy the domain once and forever!

How to Buy and Register Domain in Metaverse
How to Buy and Register Domain in Metaverse

     That means it's never been so easy to Register a Domain in Metaverse in such a simple way! The most interesting thing is that the site offers several types of domains such as: Crypto, Nft, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Dao, Wallet and so many others so that you can actually register your domain.

     The most interesting thing about all this is that if we look at the domains available today in the Metaverse, it's like going back in time and getting to know the internet back in the early 2000s.

     Therefore, it is really worth taking advantage of this unique opportunity and making some records, after all, we are living a revolution right before our eyes: a centralized and insecure internet for a very decentralized and democratic internet.

Have you ever thought about the potential for appreciation that this can have? Possibly, in some cases, it is the same as discovering Bitcoin around the year 2012!

1: The Domain Registration Process:

     If you go to the search bar of the Unstoppple Domains site, and write what you want to find and see if your Domain is really Available, just type and click on the search magnifying glass.

     Below you will find the available addresses, if you don't have any it's because the address already exists, so in that case, we recommend using names related to what you're looking for and the platform itself will suggest alternative names.

Crypto, Nft, Blockchain and Bitcoin Domains
Crypto, Nft, Blockchain and Bitcoin Domains

     The easiest way to find Available Domains is by typing locally, that is... if you live in Brazil and want a domain in Portuguese, your chances of finding an available domain are much higher than international domains.

     We know that the whole world speaks English, so the chances of finding domains available in this language are smaller, however, they are domains that, in theory, have more value, essentially if you use words well-placed in the Address such as: diet, money, brokerage, losing weight, health... you know?

     Domains with these names are more difficult to find available and if you find them, the Prices are also higher, after all, they are much easier to remember, don't you think? So the tendency is greater for you to have direct traffic.

     Some NFT Domains are almost free, prices are usually very low, especially if you use numbers and rarely used extensions like .dao, .888 or .zil. Ex: crypto10s.zil. This domain costs only U$ 5... Extremely cheap, especially if we compare it to the traditional web domains here.

Difference between Domains:

     Here on the traditional internet, we find .com domains; .org (which is the case for this site); .edu; .net and several others, and the same happens on the decentralized internet where we have domains such as: .bitcoin, .eth, .nft; .wallet; .dao; .crypto...

     Basically, what changes is just the name - that's quite crudely speaking - after all, the most important thing to keep in mind is "make the person remember our name"; here on the traditional internet what we can see are .com sites;

     So which is easier to remember: bitcoin or blockchain? For a person who is more familiar and familiar with the terms of cryptocurrencies, it doesn't matter. However, for a layman it makes a lot of difference, so try to focus on these two domains: .crypto and .bitcoin, right? They are easier to remember, so prices are often slightly higher - and in some cases, MUCH higher.

2: The Domain Registration Process:

     Continuing the NFT Domain Registration in Metaverse, just click on "add to cart", after that, this other page will open below:

How to Buy My Domain in Web 3.0
How to Buy My Domain in Web 3.0

     After having done the previous process, this screen will open, with this, your domain (or domains) will appear - it is very important to confirm all the letters before proceeding - and numbers if your domain has it.

Another important point we have as a suggestion is the numbers in the domain address... you can use them and they are usually much cheaper.

     After confirming, if you are not a US citizen, you can say there in the right corner that you do not live in the US. So, just click on "Checkout" and make your purchase without any headache.

     The interesting thing about the site is that if you are not an American citizen, after you put your credit card number, the purchase will come as a "credit" in the site's currency, in this case, the dollar.

     The process is very simple and reliable, you can rest assured, the site is also very secure, so what are you waiting for? Register your Domain and don't miss out on this potential future appreciation!

But after making the purchase, where will my domains be?

     In the upper right corner, if you click on "account" and then "my domains", you will see that all Domains registered by you will be there.

How to Buy and Register Domain in Metaverse
How to Buy and Register Domain in Metaverse

     Also, you can click on "free mint" to take full custody of your domain - just like we do in cryptocurrency exchanges... we send our coins to a cold wallet to have our keys, making the assets 100% ours property.

     After clicking "continue", you will be able to connect a wallet (either Metamask or Coinbase) to transfer your domain to the Matic layer (Polygon) - remembering that this is not mandatory.

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