In 2019, Bitcoin Lovers started as an ephemeral and distant thought. Lucas Lippe, resident of Brazil, had the idea to combine his two passions: digital marketing and cryptocurrencies and develop a website where he wrote articles about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Metaverse; something very personal and unbiased about your worldview.

In 2021 the site you access and love had its planning and development, and in 2022 a blog was created with the aim of writing the best posts.

"When we talk about cryptocurrency and NFT technology sites, we boil down to brokers writing about digital assets and ranking posts in search engines so that in the end, they get more and more customers."

Bitcoin Lovers is not a cryptocurrency exchange; is an independent site and without the objective of enriching itself with the investments of its readers, it is a very personal asset of how we believe in this market and how we seek to reach as many people as possible.