How to Make Money with Play-to-Earn? What are the Best Games?


     What Games are Play-to-Earn? How to Make Money with these Games? What are the Best Games to Play? As many know, there are games that pay to be played. Find out how it works!

How to Make Money with Play-to-Earn? What are the Best Games?
How to Make Money with Play-to-Earn? What are the Best Games?

What are Play-to-Earn Games?

     Play-to-Earn Games are those Games where you can Earn Money Playing! That's right, through these games, users can not only earn extra income, but also: live exclusively from these games; this happened a lot in 2021 with the Axie Infinity game fever (the little Pokémon-like game).

     These games are developed through Blockchain, usually built either on the Ethereum network or on the Solana network, with this, they are decentralized and allow players to be paid through the game Token, in the case of AXS, users are paid with SLP and can exchange this SLP for any fiat currency they wish.

     There are a plethora of games being built with this new play-to-earn system and many have incredible potential to "make it" in the years to come. Some of these games are free, for others a minimal investment is required to get started; in the case of Axie, around 1,000 Dollars.

     We want to introduce you to both Free and Paid Games and show you the difference between them. The market for "play to win" or "make money playing" games is still new, so there aren't many options and some of these games are still being built and will be available to play in the coming years.

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How NFT Games Make Money?

     As stated above, in theory, Making Money with NFT Games is not that difficult, after all, this says a lot about how much time of your day (or night) you dedicate to Play. That's exactly what you read: time and dedication; it's like any job where with each achievement and each completed mission, you'll earn more Money and, for that, time, effort and dedication is needed.

     The most valuable companies in the world like Google, Meta and Netflix Profit so much because they both have something in common: a high rate of screen time from users and the same we can apply to play-to-earn games. You are remunerated through Tokens (or cryptocurrencies for the layman) and these cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for any fiat currency from any country in the world: real, dollar, euro, pound...

     This fever, particularly, started in 2021 when the game Axie Infinity exploded and millions of users around the world were playing - many still play. But this is a game that requires minimal investment to start; for now, let's mention the Free ones.

Free Play-to-Earn Games:

     It is worth remembering that all these play-to-earn games mentioned in this part of the article are free and you can access them through the link that we are going to leave here for you, ok? Also, let's mention few games because we believe more in quality than quantity. It won't do any good to mention 100 games if 1 month from now, many will cease to exist.

  • Gunfire: game developed on the Polygon network and very similar to Metal Slug;
  • Boom Boogers: very similar to the Pokémon universe, the game brings a sustainable economy in the long term;
  • Neoxa Network: here we have a slightly different idea - a network where you can get famous games like Minecraft on play-to-earn servers; It is worth taking a look.

Best NFT Games to Invest:

     Now, if you are looking for the Best Play-to-Earn Games possible and with the best experience, we are going to indicate 2 very interesting projects to aim for in the medium and long term. They are very ambitious game projects and if the developers deliver everything they are promising, it will be something innovative:

  • Atar Atlas (POLIS): this is, without a doubt, the most interesting and ambitious project we know of here in the cryptocurrency market; the idea is to bring a game that you really want to play and with state-of-the-art graphics. The beta version of the game already exists and it is extremely interesting; it is possible to see the land for sale and, also, to purchase some NFTs in advance on the official website; Star Atlas is being built within the Solana network: which makes transactions faster and cheaper;
  • Guild of Guardians (GOG): is a very interesting RPG game and very similar to LOL. This game you can play on your smartphone and the most interesting thing here is that the game itself is free and that is a positive sign, after all, everyone will be able to play. However, there will also be an in-game store that will allow players to buy and sell their NFTs and that's where users will be remunerated, so those who invest, especially at the beginning of the game, will benefit. But it's a very interesting and targeted game... to give you an idea, Ubisoft is a great NFT game partner network.

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