What Are Airdrops? How to Make Money Spending Little?


     How to Make Money Without Spending Almost Nothing? We will explain to you, dear reader, what Crypto Market Airdrops are. To make some of these airdrops, you will spend absolutely nothing!

What Are Airdrops? How to Make Money Spending Little?
What Are Airdrops? How to Make Money Spending Little?

What is an Airdrop?

     An Airdrop in the cryptocurrency market is a free distribution of tokens or cryptocurrencies to users. This action is a marketing strategy adopted by new companies and projects in the cryptocurrency sector.

     It works as a gift for new users of a new protocol that is in the testing phase, so users who test these platforms before the masses are presented with gifts. Let's understand better: What is an Airdrop?

  • An Airdrop is a distribution, usually free, of tokens or cryptocurrencies to attract the public;
  • It's similar to the experience of receiving free samples in stores or supermarkets;
  • The crucial difference is that whoever receives these tokens can make a profit if the project grows and the asset appreciates in value.


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How do Airdrops work?

     The interesting thing about Airdrops is that there are free ones (what we call testnet) and paid ones! There is also incredible diversity on these platforms, from derivatives exchanges like Drift to infrastructure projects like LayerZero. There are two main types of airdrops:

  • Announced: In this case, projects announce a date for token distribution. Information and rules are published on their websites, blogs or social media;
  • Unannounced: Some companies only send tokens to a few selected wallets, surprising users.
  • Users may need to perform pre-defined tasks, such as sharing a post or following the project on social media.

Necessary care and where to find new Airdrops:

     It is important to identify serious projects and not fall into traps. Not all digital asset distribution events are true. Another important tip is to follow protocols on social networks such as Discord and X (formerly Twitter).

     Some are scams designed to deceive users. In general, Airdrops are a way to attract users and promote new projects in the world of cryptocurrencies. Remember to check legitimacy before participating in any airdrop!

     If you want to keep up with new projects that will potentially distribute airdrops, just visit the airdrops.io website. There you will click on the project you want to know about and then the step-by-step guide will appear on what to do to become eligible.

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