Why Audius Could Be the Future of Spotify and Streaming?


     Audius is a Streaming platform that has grown a lot in recent months. Many believe that this decentralized application project could be the future of Spotify. It will be?

Why Audius Could Be the Future of Spotify and Streaming?
Why Audius Could Be the Future of Spotify and Streaming?

What is Audius?

     Audius is a Streaming platform very similar to competitors Spotify and Deezer! But the operation of the Audius application is quite different from its competitors; the main idea is to decentralize the music market, and how they intend to do that is a very interesting point.

     We know that today, the music market is very complex for those who want to be part of it - essentially producing their songs and arts - the hardest part is reaching the public and achieving a certain relevance to partner with record labels.

     That's where the Audius APP comes in (or seeks to enter). His idea is to democratize this market, providing space for all content creators without the need for a Record Label behind it. In your application, users will be able to share their songs.

     It serves as a more liberal Spotify and with a wider range of lesser known artists - but not lesser talent. Just imagine the plethora of extremely talented musicians that exist and who don't have their due recognition?


Well then, how does Audius work?

     In advance, we like to say that we are not being sponsored to write this article, our goal is to bring you, dear reader, an extremely interesting application that could be very big in the future, ok?

     The basic idea of the Audius APP is to work with Blockchain technology: just like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. But Audius works within the Solana Blockchain, so it is bound to be a fast and dynamic platform to use.

     If you are a beginner and do not understand how the cryptocurrency market works, we recommend that you browse our website to find out more about the incredible universe that is revolutionizing the internet.

     The Audius app already exists and is available on the APP Store and Google Play, you can check it out on the official website. If you already have experience with these Streaming Apps, this App will be very easy to navigate. Remembering that the app is Free, so you don't have to worry about charges.

What else do I need to know about Audius?

     The main objective of Audius is to connect Fans directly with Artists with a simple and intuitive interface, and the most interesting point about this platform is that users are rewarded with a Token called AUDIO.

     An AUDIO Token is nothing more than an Exclusive Cryptocurrency of the Audius APP that is "Gifted" to users for their Engagement in the application. You can exchange this token for real money at a Cryptocurrency Broker - or in the APP if you prefer.

     A very interesting point about a decentralized application (which is the case with Audios) is that it does not have a central Owner behind it: like a CEO. In a decentralized application, the "Rulers" so to speak are the users themselves. Therefore, the more AUDIO tokens you have, the more weight your decisions will have, after all, the more you use and believe in the app!

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