Chainlink: The Most Famous Oracle in the Crypto Market?


     Chainlink is a Cryptocurrency that has everything to succeed in the Crypto Market. In fact, it is the most famous Oracle on the Ethereum network and has been rising a lot in recent weeks. Check out.

Chainlink: The Most Famous Oracle in the Crypto Market?
Chainlink: The Most Famous Oracle in the Crypto Market?

What is Chainlink?

     Chainlink: abbreviation (LINK) is a decentralized oracle network that allows smart contracts to communicate with real-world data. Chainlink was developed by Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis in 2017, with the aim of connecting blockchains with external sources of information, such as APIs, IoT devices and data providers.

     Chainlink uses the LINK token as an incentive for participants to provide and use data on the network. This oracle is considered one of the main platforms in the cryptocurrency market as it can provide data for any type of smart contract on any blockchain.

     That's why Chainlink has enormous growth potential, as it is through this decentralized "communication" network between the physical and digital world, that interoperability can be achieved between different networks, from Ethereum to Solana and Cardano.

Today, Chainlink is the best-known Oracle and has grown a lot in market value along with Polygon and Solana.


What is an Oracle for?

     An oracle is a tool that enables the interaction of the physical world with the world of cryptocurrencies, providing external data or advanced computational calculations for smart contracts. Oracles are essential for the functioning of decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 ecosystems.

     They allow smart contracts to be executed based on real-world information. There are several types of oracles, such as software, hardware, input, output, consensus, decentralized and centralized. Some examples of projects that use oracles are Augur, Chainlink and Band Protocol.

How does an Oracle communicate between the real world and the digital world?

     An oracle, in this case Chainlink we are talking about here, communicates the real world to the digital world through a code that translates external data into data compatible with the blockchain. External data can be obtained from various sources such as APIs, sensors, databases, etc.

     The oracle sends this data to smart contracts, which use it to perform their functions. For example, a smart contract that pays for an insurance policy based on the weather could use an oracle to obtain weather data from a trusted source.

     The oracle can also send data from the Blockchain to the real world, such as notifications, payments, etc. For example, a smart contract that controls a smart lock could use an oracle to send a signal to open or close the lock.

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