Solana & Defiverso Do Hackathon to Expand Crypto Market in Brazil


     Solana (one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world) joined the Defiverso (Brazil's largest crypto educational platform) to expand the local crypto market. Check out how it will work.

Solana & Defiverso Do Hackathon to Expand Crypto Market in Brazil
Solana & Defiverso Do Hackathon to Expand Crypto Market in Brazil

What is Defihack?

     Solana (the world's largest monolithic blockchain) has closed a brilliant partner with the Defiverso (which with thousands of students, today is the largest crypto educational platform in Brazil). The idea is for a hackathon where students will be able to create their threads at X.

     From these threads, Solana will distribute nearly $ 4,000 to the winners of Defihack (name given to the partner's hackathon between Defiverso x Solana).

     Students will be able to contribute and create content of various topics, namely: defi, NFTs, infrastructure, Gamefi and DAOS. They had exclusive copy classes and thread structuring with the Solana and Defiverso team - among some partner of SuperTeam Brasil.

     This initiative has already impacted hundreds of people and some Defizeros (students of the defrient) have already won jobs within Solana for the most varied activities. There are also rumors that there will be more rounds of this hackathon and with even larger awards!

"It's really an honor to be able to have the opportunity to work with Solana, and Suartambr, Defihack is another step in my mission to prepare professionals and investors for the web3 market, which is in full expansion." Said Lucas, founder of the Defiverse.


Therefore, what is the Defiverso?

     The Defiverso began as an idea created by Lucas Amendola and today has come true. Unlike other products, the discharge focuses exclusively on the market defi. With this, it is said by him (in popular language) that "exchanges is to get in and put his foot."

     Because few users know that the market defi provides income much superior to the centralized market. "It is much better to generate AAVE liquidity than to make Staking at Binance, because the income is higher, you have your assets in your portfolio and do not risk loot blockages - as often in centralized exchanges."

     Thus, in the case of the market defi, the Defiverso, certainly, is the largest and most serious community in Brazil. An example of this is the strong brotherhood between students and team members. At Defifest 2024, students from all over Brazil met in Curitiba - PR for the Defi event.

And there are those who say that a defizero traveled from Australia just to meet his aliens brothers!

Lucas Lippe

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