What is NFT Domain? How to Buy Yours?


     What is NFT Domain? How to Buy your domain on Web3? This could be - perhaps - along with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, one of the opportunities of the century! Then find out how to secure yours!

What is NFT Domain? How to Buy Yours?
What is NFT Domain? How to Buy Yours?

What is an NFT Domain?

     When talking about Domain, the first thing that comes to mind for many people are the traditional domains here at Web2, for example: yoursite.com; but as we are moving towards a more decentralized Web3 than the traditional internet, these new NFT Domains have additional functions.

     With an NFT domain, the first thing we can think of is: a cryptocurrency wallet with a domain name (often generic) to send and receive digital assets, be they crypto, tokens, nfts, defi... i.e. Domains NFT are like your "identity" within Web3, but an interesting point is that a single person can have several of these domains.

So: What is it for?

     NFT Domains have functions a little different from domains here on the traditional and centralized web, in this case, the main reason for usability is "identity" as mentioned above. Therefore, an NFT domain will be your RG so that both you and the users can transfer assets, essentially cryptocurrencies (digital money).

     With that, instead of having to send that huge code from a cryptocurrency wallet, it will be enough just to say your domain name to receive the funds. An NFT domain is linked to a cryptocurrency wallet.

     Another important point is that instead of using login and password as we often use here on Web2, on Web3 it will be enough just to connect your cryptocurrency wallet with the decentralized applications you are going to use!

It is still too early to have an idea of all the functions that an NFT domain will have, but in the future, there will be many. That's why the importance of securing yours early.


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How to Profit from an NFT Domain?

     Now that you already know a little about the uses of NFT domains, the question is: how to profit from an NFT domain? Or rather: how to make money with these metaverse domains?

     Those who knew how to take advantage of these opportunities here on Web2 back in the early 90s/2000s certainly made a lot of money, after all, domains like bitcoin.org, globo.com or cnn.com have a millionaire value! And the same will happen with many of the domains on Web3. Some are already priced at $100,000.

     Therefore, it is interesting not only to buy bitcoin and ethereum, but also to diversify your digital savings into other assets, be they: NFT domains, DeFi, relevant tokens...

     The most interesting thing is that when registering and buying an NFT domain, prioritize "utility" and think about how this domain can be used by a company. So that very valuable companies are entering this market, be it Nike or Paypal...

How to Create an NFT Domain?

     This is a question that all enthusiasts of the digital world want to know: how to create, register and buy an NFT Domain? For this, we like the Unstoppaple Domains site, as it is the simplest way to register and then transfer it to the "metaverse" of polygon.

     We have prepared an exclusive article that will show you step by step how to Create your NFT Domain and, possibly in the coming years, together with cryptocurrencies, surf an interesting wave of appreciation.

     The main thing you should keep in mind is to "believe" in this market and look for utility in everything you invest and always aim for the long term... there are many people who are profiting from NFT domains and some of these domains you can register for prices as low as $5, so don't miss this opportunity.

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