What is Crypto Winter? How Long Does It Last?


     What is Crypto Winter? How Long Does It Last? This is one of the biggest fears of new Cryptocurrency investors, as there are many stories of people who lost a good part of their Money in it.

What is Crypto Winter? How Long Does It Last?
What is Crypto Winter? How Long Does It Last?

What is Crypto Winter?

     The Crypto Winter or Winter of Cryptocurrencies is one of the most controversial issues in this market, after all, everyone is afraid of "losing" money, even if it is sometimes only temporary, that is: good assets tend not only to return to the previous price, as well as forming new historical peaks.

     The Crypto Winter is also called the Bear Market and there are many definitions for this event, but in general, this "winter" is when the interest in digital assets: be it bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, NFT and DeFi, are at a low level.

     Considering that these assets have their price based on the law of "supply and demand", when there is little interest in these assets, their price tends to plummet, essentially in the case of altcoins and NFTs.

     With that, it is very normal in the crypto winter, some cryptocurrencies lose more than 90% of their value. Some even reach 0 and never recover. Therefore, jokers like to say: "zero is the strongest support".

     As much as the definition of Bear Market seems obvious, it is very difficult to identify this event when we are in an uptrend, this could take a few months.

How Long Does the Crypto Winter Last?
How Long Does the Crypto Winter Last?

     Note that at this moment, 11/21/2022, we are going through a long crypto winter and this happens when the 1 month timeframe reverses the trend down (it stops being an uptrend and becomes a downtrend ).

     In this case, we are looking at the one-week chart, but it is already very visible to analyze the bear market. Note that we have marked descending tops in red.

     Another fact that is also important is that the sales volume is very high, with that, bears are taking over the market. Bulls rarely act in this scenario.


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How Long Does the Crypto Winter Last?

     It's difficult to answer this question exactly, but by looking at the past, we can get a sense of what might happen in the future. From 2013 to 2015 there was a winter that lasted approximately 1 year and a half. For many investors: 1 year and a half of suffering and discouragement.

     But the truth is that in the Crypto Winter, the best opportunities to accumulate good projects for the long term arise. Although it is unpleasant to see your equity decrease in the short term, for those who have the "psychology" to withstand the lows in the market and uncertainties in the economy, they will certainly be able to reap good results in the future.

So, in order not to be disappointed, don't expect winter to last less than 1 year.

When does the Crypto Winter end?

     The Crypto Winter ends only when the international markets become more bullish and bitcoin makes a higher top than the previous one on the monthly chart time. It would be like this:

When does the Crypto Winter end?
When does the Crypto Winter end?

     Therefore, bitcoin should break through $25,500 and form an ascending bottom, with that, the highest probability is that it will continue to rise. Consequently, the entire cryptocurrency market will follow.

     With that in mind, if you want to know what happens in the crypto winter, it's very simple: the prices of digital assets plummet! Remember: it's time to accumulate good projects for the long term.

How to survive the Crypto Winter?

     The answer is quite simple, it is not that difficult to Protect yourself from Crypto Winter! Your fight will be more emotional than rational. Seeing your Cryptocurrencies and NFTs lose value extremely quickly is not for everyone - you need to have a stomach, but it is important to know that this is when the best opportunities of the decade arise!

     So remember two things: risk management and monthly or weekly contributions! It is extremely important that you leave a day scheduled to dock and not worry about the high volatility of prices in the short term! The objective we are talking about is the Hold: buy and hold.

     If you have a more relevant amount, you can, every Monday (regardless of the asset price) buy the cryptocurrencies that you believe to be more interesting - study the projects to give you more comfort when investing and withstanding the falls!

     If the amount you manage to invest is very small, you can make the contribution once a month. Example: every 10th day invest 60% in bitcoin and 40% in ethereum and let the time factor give you the best interest.

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