What is Kusama? What's your Polkadot Difference?


     What is Kusama? For some investors, KSM is just a Polkadot Blockchain testnet, but the truth is that this Cryptocurrency is much more than just that! Find out below.

What is Kusama? What's your Polkadot Difference?
What is Kusama? What's your Polkadot Difference?

What is Kusama?

     Kusama (KSM) is a Cryptocurrency very similar to Polkadot (DOT). Many investors in the crypto market believe that KSM is just a DOT "test" network, but that's not quite the case... Kusama is an extremely interesting project and has its own identity.

     There are some differences between these Blockchains (which we will comment below), after all, Kusama is not a "testnet" but a network of its own - even faster than Polkadot itself.

     This network was developed and published in 2019 and is parallel to Polkadot, in addition to serving as a "shield" to avoid problems with the main blockchain itself: DOT. Both are zero layers. It is popularly known as the "Canary Network", because formerly in the coal mines, the birds had the mission to check if there were toxic gases in the mines... if the bird didn't come back... well... we already know its end.

     Kusama was also created by Gavin Wood and the main idea is to use it as a testnet - that way, all the features that in theory would be implemented in Polkadot, beforehand, are implemented in KSM.


How does Coin Kusama work?

     It is always important to point out that - as Gavin Wood himself has already stated - although Kusama is a testbed for the Polkadot blockchain, both KSM and DOT cryptocurrencies are distinct! The operation of both are slightly different.

     As we already mentioned, KSM is Kusama's native token, so this Blockchain has its own independent functioning, plus of course, it's a zero-layer project - just like DOT.

     An interesting point about Kusama is that although many investors do not buy this project - because it is a test network and more exposed to risk - the truth is that KSM works much faster than Polkadot itself - which is already formidable .

     Today, apart from our beloved Ethereum and Cardano... Polkadot and Kusama are the most popular smart contract platforms, even beating Solana itself.

Differences between Polkadot and Kusama:

     While these cryptocurrencies are quite similar in many ways, there are also significant differences between them. To begin with, we know that when it comes to Bitcoin, there will only be 21 million units, from that, no one will be able to buy more of this asset because it is scarce.

     The same applies to Polkadot and Kusama, but with a very different amount than that of bitcoin, after all, as we like to say: each thing is different. In this case, each cryptocurrency has a different "supply". That of polkadot, a little more than 1 billion units, in the case of Kusama, only 10 million.

Another different point in both is that each network has its own cryptocurrency, in the case of Polkadot, we have DOT and in the case of Kusama, we have KSM.

     Building on Kusama and being approved is faster, after all, we are talking about an experimental blockchain and then participate in a serious community. With this, you will be able to update your products up to 4 times faster than on Polkadot.

     And the final point we would like to emphasize is that as we are talking about autonomous decentralized organizations, KSM "voters" have only 7 days to contribute to the community; in the case of DOT, the votes last for 28 days, the referendum is the same time, therefore, the difference is relevant.

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