Helium: One of the Most Interesting Projects in the Crypto World


     Helium (HNT) is one of the most interesting Cryptocurrency projects, where the ultimate goal is to distribute a decentralized internet around the world, however, it is suffering a lot from this Bear Market... What is the Expectation?

Helium: One of the Most Interesting Projects in the Crypto World
Helium: One of the Most Interesting Projects in the Crypto World

What is Helium?

     Helium (HNT) is a Cryptocurrency that until then was built on its own Blockchain, but recently migrated and started to be developed within the Solana (Sol) network! Therefore, this cryptocurrency is dependent on the existence of the Solana cryptocurrency to survive!

     In this low cycle that we are going through, Helium has suffered a lot together with Sol, but despite that, if the developers manage to make this project succeed, in the future it may be one of the ecosystems that can have one of the highest market values. Who knows within the top 20?

     So if you don't know what the purpose of this cryptocurrency is, basically it is this: to bring a decentralized 5G internet to the whole world where it can be much more accessible than the internet we have today - which depend on centralized companies to do the distribution.

     One of the most interesting things about this project, without a doubt, is Mining! HNT has "modems" similar to 4G internet routers where any user can buy and do their own mining... with that, they are rewarded with HNT tokens for distributing the network so that more users can access it.


What to Expect from Helium? What is the Expectation?

     As everything in the Cryptocurrency market is unknown, the Helium project would be no different, even more so if you analyze this cryptocurrency as it is: a little-known altcoin that is going through a very difficult phase.

     See the Graph: an asset that once had a Price of almost 60 dollars is now worth U$1.90. It's bizarre how a theoretically sound altcoin can lose value so quickly.

What to Expect from Helium? What is the Expectation?
What to Expect from Helium? What is the Expectation?

     As stated above, at the time of writing this article, we have been through a long bearish cycle and this makes things even more difficult in telling you where the Helium price is going. However, it is a very interesting Cryptocurrency and has a great ambition.

     If it happens in the long term that the adoption of Helium is high and in fact, users from all over the world use this network, this could push the price of HNT to more than 600 dollars, however, this is just speculation, after all, as well as the project may succeed, it may also fail.

     Therefore, if you want to invest in Helium, know that the risks are very high, therefore, we recommend very little exposure to this project. How about 1-3% of your cryptocurrency wallet? If the project reaches good levels in the long term, know that you will be exposed and if it drops to zero, it will make no difference to you.

How does Helium Mining work?

     Helium Mining, in our opinion, is one of the most interesting in the world of cryptocurrencies, as it brings identity. With that, the way to do the mining is very simple: just buy your "moden" helium, turn it on, connect your wallet and start the process. Everything automatically.

How does Helium Mining work?
How does Helium Mining work?

     As you can see, each green dot on the Europe/Asia map shows where there are helium "hotspots" mining and distributing the signals across the region.

     Until the year 2021 (which was the year when this asset appreciated a lot, as it surfed the bitcoin bull cycle), there was almost no sign. Today, as we see, in Europe alone, there are many of these signs. Therefore, it is a fact that thousands of users are investing in this network.

     This Helium Explorer site shows how the network is distributed worldwide, including South America and Africa. On the site we can check the statistics and validators, in addition to being able to click on each hotspot that distributes the signal.


     Is helium worth it? This is a question that many investors in the crypto world ask... is it an interesting and ambitious project? Yes, but there are many risks to consider when investing.

     When we talk about decentralization, we immediately think of Bitcoin - which is the only truly decentralized cryptocurrency. On the other hand, helium has three founders: Amir Haleem, Shawn Fanning and Sean Carey and like it or not, it is much more centralized than the first generation cryptocurrencies.

     Therefore, if you want to know if we invest in this asset: the answer is no! At least, not directly! The best and safest way to invest in this asset is through Buy Solana (which we do), also because Helium is being built on this network, so if this cryptocurrency ends, Solana will not feel it.

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