Star Atlas (POLIS): Is This the Game of the Future Crypto?


     What is Star Atlas? How will this Web3 Game work? In this article, we are going to put an end to your doubts about the most famous game on the Solana network. Let's go to the content!

Star Atlas (POLIS): Is This the Game of the Future Crypto?
Star Atlas (POLIS): Is This the Game of the Future Crypto?

What is Star Atlas?

     Star Atlas is a Game Web3 that aims to be 'the future of games' because it is built within the Blockchain Solana (one of the fastest networks in the cryptocurrency market) and today, it is the most popular game in this network and segment: space games.

     The goal of the company that is developing the Star Stalas game is to create a game that users really want to play - different from past games like Axie Infinity (where users only played it to earn money, without the aim of having fun).

     Therefore, Playing Star Atlas will be entertainment and work all in one, as you will be able to sell your items and coins you earn in the game and exchange them for real money. The game has a governance cryptocurrency, which is POLIS and may have many uses inside and outside the game.

     Today POLIS costs U$0.1159 but it has already reached a price of U$11.25 and there are those who say that one day, in the future, when the game is in full development, the token could cost U$100. It's not impossible considering that Axie Infinity already cost more than that.


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How does Game Cryptocurrency work?

      As stated above, the governance Cryptocurrency of the Star Atlas game is POLIS and it will have several functions inside and outside the game: as voting power within the Metaverse. A clear example of this is that if you go to the game's store or inventory, you can see that items often appear to be purchased with this token or USDC (a dollar-backed cryptocurrency).

     Investors will also be able to buy POLIS to expose themselves in the game, with this, as the popularity of the game grows and the number of users increases, the token will also increase in value, with that, those who invest in the token will be rewarded in the future.

     Remembering, of course, we are being theoretical and this is not an investment recommendation, ok? The game's biggest advantage (for many, a disadvantage), is that it's being built on top of the Solana network (an extremely fast blockchain).

      Solana was very sorry for the fall of the FTX brokerage and is slowly recovering from this misfortune. There are those who say that the game should have been built on the Ethereum network (given the security and reliability of the blockchain) but we understand the idea of ​​the creators who preferred speed and practicality in transactions.

     We believe there is a market for other blockchains competing with Ethereum like Solana and Cardano and this is good for decentralization and market freedom.

How to follow the development?

     There are already several missions being released in the Star Atlas game. It is a fact that it will take time for the entire development of the game to be completed, after all, we are talking about state-of-the-art graphics and mainly a new market (which is blockchain games).

     With this, doing these small missions can guarantee you some airdrops that may have some value in the future. With that, we recommend that you join the Official Discord of the game to stay on top of the news.

     There are users from all over the world who are part of this channel and the most interesting thing is that the game's team always does Lives explaining to users everything that is happening and what's new.

     Discord is booming and is one of the biggest gaming channels we've ever seen, so being a part of this communication channel is essential.

     Another point is that there is another token with the ATLAS name and we do not recommend that you buy this token, as the game's rewards will be through it, so just play Star Atlas to receive it and exchange it for land, ships and equipment.

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