How to Know if a Cryptocurrency Will Appreciate?


     Dear Novice Investor: How Do You Know If a Cryptocurrency Will Appreciate? This is a classic theme in the crypto market, but is there a manual teaching how Cryptocurrencies Value?

How to Know if a Cryptocurrency Will Appreciate?
How to Know if a Cryptocurrency Will Appreciate?

What is a Cryptocurrency?

     Cryptocurrencies are very peculiar assets because they do not exist in the physical world: only in the digital world and are, basically, Money protected by state-of-the-art Cryptography, hence the abbreviation "Crypto". Having a Cryptocurrency is much safer than a Dollar bill (which can simply disappear, be stolen or the government decides that it will no longer have any value).

     The most famous Cryptocurrency, without a doubt, is Bitcoin (BTC) that virtually everyone has heard about - regardless of whether they believe in crypto or not.

     A very interesting point about a cryptocurrency is decentralization. Whereas Fiat Money (issued by governments) is centralized and not at all transparent, cryptocurrencies (essentially bitcoin) are decentralized - much more transparent and difficult to control.

     Many new investors who enter the crypto market ask themselves: How does a Cryptocurrency Value? There are a multitude of reasons for this to happen, we will show you some of these reasons throughout this content.


Is Investing in Cryptocurrencies Worth It? This is a question that many new investors ask themselves, after all, when the market is down, it is normal for many to be full of uncertainties and doubts.

How Do Bitcoin and Altcoins Work? There is not only Tornado Cash, however, this topic is gaining a lot of repercussion due to the negative news. Let's explain to you now what they are!

What is the Best Platform to Store Decentralized Applications (DApps)? There are a multitude of platforms and, we will highlight in this article: Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

Is it Worth Investing in Cryptocurrencies?

     Just as the internet came in the 90s to be the future of communication, Cryptocurrencies emerged in the 21st century with the aim of being the future of Money. At least in the beginning, after all, today we already know that cryptocurrencies will also be the future of the internet and technology.

     Therefore, if you want to know if it is worth investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: the answer is yes! Of course, always diversifying into other assets that you invest in, as we are not the owners of the truth and cannot predict the future.

     For all those who already have their emergency reserve and who are ready to move forward in variable income, cryptocurrencies can be a good investment: always starting with Bitcoin.

     Now that you already have the level of awareness of the importance of having cryptocurrencies in your wallet - knowing that they are the future of everything we know today, let's know How Cryptocurrencies Value! There are those who say that in the future, practically everything will run on Blockchain (the system on which cryptocurrencies work).

How to Know if a Cryptocurrency Will Appreciate?

     Cryptocurrencies are Valued through the Law of Supply and Demand. Therefore, the more investors buy Cryptocurrencies, the more they will appreciate, and the more investors sell them, the more Cryptocurrencies will fall. Very simple to understand, it works like the Stock Market.

     In the crypto market there is a slightly different point from other variable income markets: cryptocurrencies depend on Bitcoin! If bitcoin goes up, Altcoins (all non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies) also go up; if bitcoin goes down, altcoins go down soon after.

     Bitcoin - oddly enough, is the most "stable" asset in the crypto market. The other cryptocurrencies are much more volatile than it. If BTC rises 5%, altcoins rise 10%, if it falls 10%, the others soon fall 20%: that's about it.

     Cryptocurrencies also depend on other points to have Valuations and one of them is the Community that believes in the project. We could be very fundamentalist and say that for a cryptocurrency to rise over the long term, it would have to have thousands of fundamentals, but the truth is that the main reason for a cryptocurrency to appreciate is the community.

     Even baseless cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Shiba are valued for this reason alone. Another point is the Professionals who are behind the Development; Valuable projects like Polkadot, Solana and Cardano rely on former Google and Ethereum employees to create innovative and efficient systems. Therefore, being aware of the team is very important.

     Last reason we bring (and not least), is the Cryptocurrency Project White Paper. This concerns What Problem or Problems does this Cryptocurrency aim to Solve? The bigger or bigger the problems, possibly, the more valuable this Token will be - always aiming at the long term.

     The last point we mentioned is very important, but we must be careful with scams! There are many projects that have a magnificent idea, but in practice, they are unable to solve the problems offered! That's why it's important to be frequently monitoring the development of the project and never put money you're not willing to lose.

Lucas Lippe

The idea of freedom is fascinating and Bitcoin gives us that in many ways. Explaining ideas of a decentralized web on the Bitcoin Lovers website.

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