How is Italy Entering the Crypto Market?


     There is a lot being done in Italy for the Cryptocurrency Market to grow. Perhaps this is going unnoticed by internet users and today, we are going to show you several positive points about this country.

How is Italy Entering the Crypto Market?
How is Italy Entering the Crypto Market?

Dear Italy and the Crypto Market:

     Ah... the dear and traditional Italy... what to say about one of the most beautiful countries in the world? Even more so after announcing the Regulation in the Cryptocurrency Market? While this is "bad" news for decentralization maximalists, there are positives to this!

     The main thing is that the more countries are taking steps in favor of regulating the crypto market, the more positive this will be, as it means that we are being taken seriously - and it will bear fruit for the market in the years to come. It could be a good narrative for Bitcoin to change its downtrend to an uptrend on higher timeframes.

     Artificial intelligence is a theme that is entirely linked to the crypto world - considering that the 'graphic' market, such as NFT's, is growing and even generating competition for content creators on Onlyfans.

     Italy has come out against apps like ChatGPT to protect users' privacy. Elon Musk has already mentioned several times that we must be very careful with the exaggerated use of artificial intelligence, as there is an imminent risk of being controlled by technology in the future.


Is regulation a positive point?

     It even seems utopian to think of 'machines' controlling human beings, but Elon shows a very serious face when addressing this type of subject and, of course, the richest man in the world certainly has privileged information on this topic.

     Now leaving aside the subject of artificial intelligence and moving to the field of regulation, regions such as Brazil and Europe are not only taking seriously the regulation of digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stablecoins.

     Italy itself already recognizes several cryptocurrencies and in January 2023 approved the 26% tax on capital gains in cryptocurrencies. While we commend Italy for the path it is taking, it is important to remember that this was not always the case.

     Back in the past, the vast majority of European countries practically 'criminalized' both Bitcoin and the use of altcoins for illicit purposes and ended up persecuting these assets (not to mention China). But as Julius Caesar said 2000 years ago: "if you can't fight the enemy, join him".

     "First you try to fight him, but if it's clear that you won't win, change your strategy". With that, we congratulate Italy that is moving in the right direction and this will certainly encourage many other countries to do the same.

Where to follow the news on this topic?

     To follow with excellence what is happening with the Cryptocurrency Market in Italy, we recommend that you use the Cointelegraph website, because for this page that we are directing you, dear reader, you will find articles about the most relevant news of the last few days.

     There you will be able to follow live and in color, debates of senators regarding artificial intelligence, Italian regulation, the fight with ChatGPT, tax on capital gains, the optimism of the Italian people about the crypto market...

     Including, it is estimated that more than 40% of people residing in Italy intend - at some point - to buy cryptocurrencies in 2023. The preferred currencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

     Therefore, you who are out of the crypto market for fear or insecurity, know that this is a niche that grows year after year and, despite the high volatility of some assets, this 'madness' tends to decrease over time (as the market value of these assets increases).

     If you look at the graph of the last 50 years for gold, you will see that the primary trend has always been upwards, and the same happens with Bitcoin: if you don't care about the short-term price and keep making monthly contributions, it will definitely be rewarded in the future.

Lucas Lippe

The idea of freedom is fascinating and Bitcoin gives us that in many ways. Explaining ideas of a decentralized web on the Bitcoin Lovers website.

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