Bing Chat: How to Create Creative Images in this Tool?


     Bing Chat: How to Create Creative Images in this Tool? Is this Artificial Intelligence platform better and can it replace the much talked about ChatGPT? Let's meet her.

Bing Chat: How to Create Creative Images in this Tool?
Bing Chat: How to Create Creative Images in this Tool?

What is Bing Chat?

     According to the AI tool's own definition: Bing Chat is a feature of the Microsoft Edge browser that allows you to chat with an Artificial Intelligence that can answer your questions, help you search the web, create creative content, and much more.

     You can access Bing Chat by clicking the Bing icon in the Edge toolbar, or in the Edge app menu. Bing Chat in the Edge sidebar can also perform searches and responses relative to the page you're viewing if you enable page context.

     Bing Chat is free for all users using the Microsoft Edge browser. You don't have to pay anything to use Bing Chat and enjoy its search and creation features. However, if you want to use Bing Chat Enterprise, which is a version of Bing Chat designed for organizations and businesses.

     You will need to have a qualifying Microsoft 365 subscription or a standalone subscription that will be available in the future for $5 per user per month. Bing Chat Enterprise offers more data protection and features tailored for work.


How to Access Bing Chat on Google Chrome?

To use Bing Chat on Google Chrome, you have a few options:

  • You can go to the Bing Chat website at and chat with the artificial intelligence directly on the page. This option is valid for all versions of the Google browser, including Microsoft, Linux and macOS.

  • You can install a Chrome extension that lets you see Bing Chat responses alongside Google results. This extension is called Bing Chat (GPT-4) in Google and is offered by OptiSearch. It uses GPT-4, the most advanced artificial language model, to provide accurate and relevant answers to your queries.
  • You can install another Chrome extension that allows you to access Bing Chat from the browser's sidebar. This extension is called Bing Chat on Chrome (Same as ChatGPT) and is offered by Dilnei Soethe Spancerski. It integrates Bing search into your navigation and lets you chat with artificial intelligence on any website.

How to Create Creative Images using Bing Chat?

     Want to know how to use Bing AI to create images? It's very simple and we'll show you a practical example. From there, you can use your creativity so that artificial intelligence can create whatever your heart and mind desire.

     Remembering that you can also use the tool on your cell phone. Everything is very simple and fluid, just follow our tutorial. Visit:

     With that, this screen below will appear. To create creative images, click on the first option. It should say "Creative" for you depending on the language you are browsing our website.

     Have you ever seen a bear sucking an orange? I bet not! At least, not so far. See that artificial intelligence can create images very close to what we want.

     This is just an example and you can create whatever you want. Sometimes it can happen that the images are distorted and poorly created, but just ask the question in a different way or ask to change the objects/colors and everything will be resolved.

     Did you like the content, dear reader? Feel free to browse our website and share the content. We always seek to bring the best experience to you in a simple and direct way!

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