What is Bitcoin Core? See How to Download this Software


     Have you heard about Bitcoin Core? What is it? This is perhaps the most famous Software on the cryptocurrency market, as all users can view it! Let's meet.

What is Bitcoin Core? See How to Download this Software
What is Bitcoin Core? See How to Download this Software

In summary: What is Bitcoin?

     Bitcoin is an open source Cryptocurrency, including, it is also the most famous crypto on the market! But what few people know is that Bitcoin, in addition to being a cryptocurrency, is also a decentralized global network that cannot be controlled by the state - this is the main reason that makes this asset so valuable.

     The currency of the Bitcoin network is BTC and it is transferable very simply and quickly - much more efficiently than international bank transfers. What few know about BTC is that this currency is built within a technology called Blockchain, and this technology is like a totally transparent "book" that shows all the transactions ever carried out with this currency.

     This is very interesting, as it runs away from the idea of "currency that leaves no ballast". The blockchain is public, making it completely transparent to those who use it.

     There is also a software called Bitcoin Core that serves - essentially - to Mine this cryptocurrency and we will talk a little more deeply about this program during this content.


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What is Bitcoin Core?

     Basically, Bitcoin Core is a Software that runs on the Bitcoin Network and was released by the Bitcoin Community itself and includes a wallet that can be used to store and send bitcoins. Also, Bitcoin Core is used to mine bitcoins. The name Bitcoin Core also serves to indicate that this is software directly descended from the original Bitcoin and to differentiate it from the so-called hard forks of the network: Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond2.

     As many people know, Bitcoin Cash, for example, emerged as a "variant" of the original bitcoin to focus 100% on exchanges and payments - given that the bitcoin network is more expensive - as it values security and decentralization , but BTC Cash has not seen the same success.

     Bitcoin Core was developed by Wladimir van der Laan based on the original reference code by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is worth remembering that BTC Core is Open Source and anyone can propose improvements to the base code, and it will be evaluated by the community - and if possible, implemented.

How to Download Bitcoin Core?

     Downloading the Bitcoin Core Software is very simple and you will be able to see the screen below through the Official Site. And, right after you click on "Download Bitcoin Core" as shown in the image below, you will be directed to another page (which will be the way to download the APP).

How to Download Bitcoin Core?
How to Download Bitcoin Core?

     After that, a warning will appear that it is not possible to download this Software if you live in the Ukraine region... So, the simplest way to carry out this Download (which is the way we recommend), is using Torrent.

     If you don't have this APP installed on your PC, just download it from the Official Site. From there, you can download and install Bitcoin Core on your computer.

How to Download Bitcoin Core?
How to Download Bitcoin Core?

     Soon after carrying out this process, the Torrent application will automatically open and, after downloading, just install! It's all automatic so you have nothing to worry about.

     That's it for the rest, soon we will make new tutorials here at bitcoinlovers.org and you will be able to learn more about Bitcoin Core and the Universe of Decentralized Finance (which is on the rise in the Crypto market). A big hug and always keep your interests firm.

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The idea of freedom is fascinating and Bitcoin gives us that in many ways. Explaining ideas of a decentralized web on the Bitcoin Lovers website.

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