Ledger VS Trezor: Which Hardwallet to Choose for You?


     Ledger VS Trezor: Which Hardwallet to Choose? Both of these Cryptocurrency Wallet Brands are the most famous on the market, but is there a difference between them?

Ledger VS Trezor: Which Hardwallet to Choose for You?
Ledger VS Trezor: Which Hardwallet to Choose for You?

What is a Hardwallet?

     Hardwallets are matters of extreme importance in the crypto market, after all, it is through these physical wallets that we manage to have extreme security in this market. I remember well that in the beginning there were only the Trezor and Ledger brands, but today there are many others like SafePal and SecuX.

     Fortunately, this cold wallet market is booming: which is a good thing as users are - truly - understanding the importance of storing their private keys in a secure place.

     In practice, there are not many differences for these models, it is more a question of "trust" of the investor for a certain brand. It is worth remembering that we always recommend that you buy your cryptocurrency wallet from the official websites - even if you have to pay an additional fee, right?

     Understand that the main purpose of a Cold Wallet (or a Hardware Wallet) is to protect both your Bitcoins and your Altcoins. And, we must not forget that the cryptocurrencies themselves will always be in the Blockchain, in the case of these cold wallets, they serve to store your keys safely and off the internet, with that, you have more security.


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Trezor and Ledger: What are the Differences?

     Trezor and Ledger are the main brands of Hardwallets on the market, but to make this comparison, we must select those models that we must analyze (since there are several that exist, essentially speaking of Ledger): in this case, we are going to make a comparison between the Ledger Nano S Plus and the Trezor Model T.

     When we talk about Variety of Cryptocurrencies, Ledger has the advantage since at the time we are writing this article, it has compatibility with more than 5,500 assets, while Trezor T (which is the most complete model), only 1,456.

     Regarding Prices, both are similar - bearing in mind that they are direct competitors: all Ledger models are in the range of US$ 79 to US$ 279 while Trezor: US$ 69 to US$ 219. And, while Ledger has compatibility with mobile devices, Trezor currently does not have this compatibility.

     It is said that both wallets are considered "secure", this is a fact. However, the one that awakens the most confidence in us is Trezor, since it has open source firmware, unlike Ledger, which has closed code: this means that third parties will not be able to test its vulnerabilities.

     About Usability, both are very simple and practical to use, so let's tie this issue!

Trezor VS Ledger: Which One to Choose?

     This is a very personal question and if we could give you a simple and direct answer it would be: BOTH! Both are great Cryptocurrency Wallets and SELL A LOT, so it's more of a personal thing!

     If you only think about Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum for the long term: doing the famous Hold, it is very likely that Trezor, both in its One model and in its T model, suits you very well: for its practicality and security.

     Now if you are a more "adventurous" investor and like to enjoy the DeFi world and technology, it might be interesting to think about a Ledger - whatever the model! That's because it has updates more constantly and Bluetooth! The decentralized brokerages, Metamask and many other DApps, have direct integration with the Wallets of that brand.

     Not to mention that the variety of cryptocurrencies makes it easy to use secondary networks like Arbitrum and Optimism. There is also the option of 'Abstraction of accounts' for those who are more "forgotten" and intend to leave their keys in the hand of someone they trust.

     As stated above, we recommend that you use the official websites to purchase these wallets, so here is the Trezor and Ledger Official Website.

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