How to Buy Bitcoin Really Anonymously?


     How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously? Few know, but often the P2P you use may not be as anonymous as you think. In this article we will explain this better to you.

How to Buy Bitcoin Really Anonymously?
How to Buy Bitcoin Really Anonymously?

What is the P2P Market?

     The P2P Market is a form of Cryptocurrency trading that occurs directly between users, without the intermediation of a centralized platform. P2P means peer-to-peer, that is, between peers. In this type of market, users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies using different payment methods, such as bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Altcoins...

     Users can also set the price and trading conditions, and choose who they want to trade with. One of the advantages of the P2P market is that it allows greater freedom and flexibility for users, in addition to reducing fees and the risk of censorship or blocking by authorities or financial institutions.

     One of the disadvantages is that it requires more care and attention to avoid fraud or scams, as there is no guarantee or protection from a reliable entity. Therefore, it is important to check the reputation and references of other users before closing a deal. Some examples of platforms that offer the P2P market service are LocalBitcoins, Paxful and Binance P2P.

A very interesting platform that we will present to you here is Bisq. A truly decentralized exchange. So let's check it out.


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How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously? Few know, but often the P2P you use may not be as anonymous as you think. In this article we will explain this better to you.

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What is Bisq Exchange?

     The Bisq Exchange is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to buy and sell bitcoin in exchange for national currencies or altcoins, without the need for identity verification or intermediation from a central entity.

     This DEX works as a P2P network, where users connect directly with each other to carry out transactions, using multi-signature wallets and security deposits to ensure the safety and reliability of trades.

     Bisq Brokerage also has a decentralized governance system, based on a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which allows users to participate in project decisions and financing. This broker is an open-source desktop application, which can be downloaded or compiled from source code.

     Bisq offers users greater privacy, freedom and flexibility, but also requires more responsibility and attention to avoid fraud or scams.

Where to Download this Broker?

     Downloading Bisq Brokerage and Buying Bitcoin Anonymously is very simple! Just access the website and download it to your PC. Remembering that there is no mobile version yet.

Where to Download Bisq Brokerage?
Where to Download Bisq Brokerage?

     From there, you will complete the installation and open the decentralized exchange. Remembering that as the DEX also works as a DAO, you will also have access to a cryptocurrency wallet, so it is very important that you save your 'seed words' so as not to lose access to it.

     It is important for you to know that, to make your anonymous purchases, you must have a small balance of BTC in your account beforehand (around 20% of the amount you wish to purchase). So, dear user, you will have to send an amount so the platform knows that you are a serious user.

     Overall, Bisq is extremely trustworthy and takes the issue of decentralization very seriously. If you are interested in us creating a more detailed tutorial on how to use the platform, just send us an email; If we have a good number of interested users, this tutorial will come out soon.

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