5 Famous Quotes about Cryptocurrencies - Revolutionaries


     Dear readers! We separate for you, 5 Iconic Quotes about the Cryptocurrency Market from Famous like Vitalik Buterin and Michael Saylor about this revolution that is Bitcoin.

5 Famous Quotes about Cryptocurrencies - Revolutionaries
5 Famous Quotes about Cryptocurrencies - Revolutionaries

The Legacy of Cryptocurrencies:

     The Cryptocurrency Market is fascinating, so incredible that many believe it to be the future not only of the Fiat Money that we know today as the Dollar, Real, Pound, Euro... but also, the evolution of the traditional internet that we use so much nowadays.

     Government-issued money is being replaced by Bitcoin, and apps like Google Chrome and Spotify are being dethroned by Web3 Tokens like Brave Wallet and Audius.

     As you know, dear reader, we believe a lot in this market and, as proof of that, we have this website: Bitcoin Lovers.

     But what we want to bring you in this article are 5 Iconic Quotes from billionaires in the field of technology about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the metaverse. The biggest icon we have today (with the exception of Satoshi Nakamoto, of course) is Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Blockchain Ethereum.

Iconic quotes from iconic investors!

"Bitcoin unites 8 billion people, 100 million companies, restores rationality to the entire financial system and restores freedom and property rights to humanity." - Michael Saylor

     Michael Saylor is one of the biggest enthusiasts we have in the cryptocurrency world today! The same is former CEO of the MicroStrategy company and the same who "lost a lot of money in the dot-com crisis" also made a lot of money in such investments.

     Saylor is one of the most believing investors in both Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies! The same has already claimed to have thousands of bitcoins on behalf of his company!

"Cryptocurrency criticism will only make it even better." - Keanu Reeves

     A fact! Bitcoin itself has been declared bankrupt over 450 times and it remains stronger than ever. Its network was never as powerful as it is today and companies much more "accredited" by the public fell much more - in market value - than btc in this bear market.

     Keanu Reeves is a very famous actor and became popularly known after the release of the "John Wick" movies. The same has already proven to be extremely in favor of Cryptocurrencies.


There is a lot being done in Italy for the Cryptocurrency Market to grow. Perhaps this is going unnoticed by internet users and today, we are going to show you several positive points about this country.

"Bitcoin is a far-reaching innovation with unknown effects. Its effects are likely to conflict with all currently established human conventions." - Mircea Popescu

     It is known by many investors in the crypto market that Bitcoin is a new technology and never used before - this clearly shows why this asset has such a great value! Satoshi Nakamoto himself once said that if in 20 years bitcoin does not go to zero, it will have an absurdly high price.

     Mircea Popescu was a visionary of his time. Also known as the "bitcoin baron", he is believed to have once owned 1 million bitcoins.

"It's the same situation with gold. The cost of mining tends to be close to the price of gold. Mining is wasteful, but this waste is far less than the utility of having gold available as a medium of exchange." - Satoshi Nakamoto

     Satoshi Nakamoto is the idol of all of us who invest in the cryptocurrency market! Satoshi stated this phrase when asked about the supposed wastefulness of Bitcoin mining.

     We know that miner fees are relatively high and will possibly get even higher over time. But this is the cost of having gold in your hands. Let's leave this article about the 10 Best Quotes by Satoshi Nakamoto for you to check out, don't waste time!

"Bitcoin and Ethereum are doing different things. Bitcoin is a digital currency and the protocol was written to underpin this cryptocurrency. Ethereum has ETH, which exists to underpin the protocol." - Vitalik Buterin

     We like to stress that Bitcoin is one thing and Cryptocurrencies are something else - each with its own individuality (although some of these cryptocurrencies are clearly Scans). Vitalik is a revolutionary and that is undeniable.

     In some points, Ethereum stands out over Bitcoin (in our thesis, we are open to accepting other cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoin, ok?) because a large part of the entire DeFi and Web3 ecosystem is being built within this Blockchain - which on Smart Contracts, is the biggest.

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