Ripple XRP: The Only Cryptocurrency Praised by Satoshi


     Did you know that Ripple XRP was the only Cryptocurrency to be Praised by Satoshi Nakamoto? Of course, that was Bitcoin itself! Discover now the value of this Project, if it can go up and how far it can go.

Ripple XRP: The Only Cryptocurrency Praised by Satoshi
Ripple XRP: The Only Cryptocurrency Praised by Satoshi

What is Ripple XRP?

     Ripple XRP is a cryptocurrency with the opposite fundamentals to Bitcoin. There are many people who question its principles for being a centralized asset, in this case, XRP is a digital currency belonging to the Ripple company, but what very few people know is that this Cryptocurrency is the only one praised by Satoshi Nakamoto before he created the so famous Bitcoin network.

     Ripple XRP's proposal is to make payments as quickly as possible, not worrying so much about the issue of "decentralization". Unlike Btc, which today is the only 100% decentralized asset!

     Some communities in the crypto world do not recognize this cryptocurrency as a valuable asset precisely because it is centralized to a traditional company and limit themselves to believing that this project may, someday, have value.

     But the fact is that when it was created in 2011, XRP was indeed innovative and its Price has gone up a lot over time. The proposal of this cryptocurrency is to connect everything that exists in the centralized to the decentralized world, so this project connects from bitcoin itself to banks, including its protocol served as an inspiration for the Brazilian government to create Pix: an instant payment system, which it was impossible to imagine such a thing a few years ago. Many investors actually invest in this asset.

Who Created Ripple?

     Ripple XRP was developed by 3 people: Ryan Fugger, Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb. A developer, an entrepreneur and a programmer. The proposal of these people was the "crossing of data and money" between banks, companies like Paypal and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin; but without the high fees that the banks themselves have.

     Ripple is much more than a cryptocurrency company, it is an ecosystem that has XRP as its official currency. There is also RippleNet which connects banks, payment providers and cryptocurrencies.


What does Satoshi have to do with Ripple?

     We know that Satoshi Nakamoto is the name given to the creators of Bitcoin, however, when Satoshi was in the process of creating btc, in an email message, the icon praised the Ripple protocol and said that they work very well.

"Ripple is interesting because it's the only other system that does something reliably, other than concentrating it on a central server."

     Ripple, before becoming what we know today, was founded in 2004 (5 years before btc) under the name of RipplePay and its slogan was: "a payment system where you can be your own bank", well similar to what many influencers attribute to bitcoin today: "be your own bank".

     In fact, we understand that many investors don't like Ripple XRP, we don't even invest, after all, it's a very centralized cryptocurrency and runs away from the concept of freedom, not to mention the lawsuit the company has against the United States government.

     However, it is undeniable that the project does have its value and is always among the cryptocurrencies with the highest valuations. It is almost always in the Top 10.

Some people confuse Ripple with XRP! Ripple is the company, the network... XRP is the cryptocurrency! It is important to say that Satoshi praised the company's technology and not the cryptocurrency itself, because at that time, it had not yet come to life.

Ripple website in 2007
Ripple website in 2007

XRP Price? Can you go up? What to Expect?

     Today the Price of XRP is 0.46 USD and is in the 6th position as the most valuable asset in the crypto world. The price has skyrocketed lately due to the possible victory against the SEC, which is precisely what prevents many investors from entering with a heavier hand in this cryptocurrency, therefore, as soon as Bitcoin rises again (with the halving of the next cycle) and XRP in fact win this lawsuit against the US government, the asset could go up a lot.

XRP price? Can you go up? What to expect?
XRP price? Can you go up? What to expect?

     Therefore, despite being a very centralized Cryptocurrency and also, many whales do not invest and even belittle the project, Ripple does have its value, this cannot be denied. All top 10 cryptocurrencies in Market Cap have interesting projects behind them. 

     What we recommend is that you don't look for "miracle shitcoins that will be worth 1 Dollar" but start with projects that are among the best.

When to Buy and Sell XRP?

     This is a question that many sardine investors like: when to buy and sell cryptocurrencies? In this case: When to Buy and Sell XRP?

     In the cryptocurrency market, all assets tend to follow the path of Bitcoin (with the exception of stablecoins), so it is very important to look at the trend of this asset before investing in altcoins, which are even more volatile. We always recommend buying bitcoin with at least a 30% correction in an uptrend and 50% in a downtrend (this is on longer timeframes).

     For altcoins, this risk management is even more important! Of course, you can't generalize, it all depends on the market moment! In an uptrend, we recommend a 50% correction and in a downtrend, at least 70%, after all, if there is a bearmarket, where digital assets can devalue 99%, it is very important to be cool-headed and aim for the next cycle.

     As for selling, we recommend that Cryptocurrency has made a bigger top than in the last cycle, from which you can think about selling a small percentage of your position, because we know that the great magic of cryptocurrencies happens in the long term!


     Want to know if we invest in Ripple XRP? Well, the answer is: No, we don't! Does this mean that XRP is a bad project? Neither! We only believe more in other projects than this one in particular. XRP is one of the biggest projects in the crypto market and has always been side by side with very well-founded assets like Cardano, Solana and Polkadot.

     So, in closing, it is an asset that yes, has its value and has brilliant minds behind it, working behind the scenes. Want to know where to Buy this Cryptocurrency? We recommend this article below:

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